“We have been working with Joni for about a year now, and we highly recommend her. Joni has really helped us establish a good foundation and fine tune certain areas we needed help with as we move forward with growing our business. She has a lot of wisdom and contacts within the community to help with any need you may have. We are so excited to reach new goals in 2022 and have Joni be there to guide us. Thank-you Joni! Five stars!”    – Heather H., Helm Gardeners & Landscaping

“I’ve been working with Joni for about one year. As a business owner, I expected someone who would hold me accountable for things I need to do to grow my business when I started meeting with her. She has far surpassed that expectation! Joni is an integral part of my business growth. Her coaching and feedback are always in tune with the tactics and strategies that result in measurable gains in business success.  What I’ve learned from Joni in this past year is immeasurable. More importantly, I cannot begin to put a price tag on the relationship we’ve built. Knowing I have her in my corner as a trusted advisor, I feel vastly more confident in the decisions I make regarding the operation of my business. I look forward to many more years of fantastic advice from Joni and highly recommend her services to anyone interested in growing their business.” – Charles H., FP&C Consulting

“I have worked directly with Joni for 5+ years, and she has been an advisor to Onset Solutions for over a decade.  In this time, she has played a vital part in our company’s growth.  She is our go-to resource for everything business, helping us improve our sales process, develop marketing strategies, hire and train great employees, strengthen our team’s communications skills and so much more.  I highly recommend her services.” – Hilary T., Onset Solutions

“From the first time I met Joni, she grasped my business, helped me gain clarity and provided sound direction that I could not get other places.  I saw immediate results. . . in both finances and fulfillment.” – Emily S., Global Tel*Link

“Joni is a consummate professional who delivers on more than everything she promises.  She works in a collaborative and constructive way to get things done.” – Dominic D., iQu Strategies

“Joni has been an invaluable partner to our company over the years.  For us, her biggest contributions to our success has been both the ability to keep sight on the big picture  (even when we’re too far “in the trenches” to see it for ourselves) as well as to give us specific feedback and knowledge to help execute goals that we’ve all put in place.  I would happily recommend Joni to any business owner that is willing to put in the work it takes to take their business to the next level.” – Bret T., Onset Solutions

“Joni is a life saver. She kept an eye on the business so I could spend more time being a veterinarian.” – Dr. Deanna M., Rising Sun Animal Care

“Owning a business is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.  Just because you are great at your craft, does not mean you are a great business owner.  Joni has help trained me to become a better leader.  It’s not something that you can learn in one day at a seminar.  It truly takes guidance and practice over time.  She will stand there beside you and to remind you of what you need to do.”  – Dr. Hanh P., Nouvelle Dentistry

When we call on Joni, we know she will get the job done!  Joni coached several of our customers as they embarked on entrepreneurial projects.  She is extremely knowledgeable and organized.  She provides the perfect balance of support and drive to help you be successful.  If I were starting a new business or growing an existing one, I would want Joni on my team!” – Nevine L., American Job Center

“Joni has been a tremendous help in getting us to focus on what is important and how to approach building our business.  We’ve learned so much from her about hiring and managing staff, and about budgeting and projecting for future needs, and about general management of the company.  She’s encouraged us in making painful decisions, and given us the impetus to move on  – in making the physical move of our operation, and building for our future.  We have seen tremendous results already, and look forward to a continuing relationship as we go forward, reaping the benefits of her experience and expertise.  We are forever grateful.” – Janet E., Culinary Wave Catering

“If you’re like me and you learned everything from your formal education about how to work in your business but not enough about how to own and run a business successfully, then working with Joni is the solution you need.  She has helped me get my business up and running, and her insights and direction are literally invaluable.  I highly recommend Joni to anyone who wants to see their dream of successfully and profitably running a business turn into a reality.”- Wendy N., LuminantLiving, LLC

Joni’s years of experience and insight into business and government affairs is unparalleled.  I’ve worked with her on several projects and I’m always amazed at what I learn along the way!” – Pam B., Bales Communications

Joni is a mentor par excellence! She guided me when I needed to see the forest for the trees…I would recommend her before any other business consultant I’ve come across. – Linda G., EcoEfficiency

I’ve worked with Joni as a business coach and I find her approach to be no-nonsense and pragmatic. These are exceptional traits for a business owner who is trying to cut through the clutter and grow.”- Bob M., WSI Webwise Marketing

“Terrific Strategist and Creative Thinker, and a valuable resource to any business owner.” – Jeff W., Wilson Advisory Group

“Joni has been a tremendous help as we develop a clear plan for increasing business.  Her experience and insight are invaluable and she is has become a trusted mentor for me!” – Alyssa K., Union Medical

“Joni is in one word, STABLE.  A kind, steady influence for anyone wanting to understand the potential of their business to grow and serve many people in a manner that creates goodwill and an opportunity for financial success.  She is insightful and intuitive. She has a long history in the business world, and brings her expertise to the business owner in a clear, logical and precise manner that ensures success.  Having Joni on our team is like having a “best friend” sitting at the consultation table offering many resources and tools that facilitate healthy business practices.” – Dr. Wanda B., Healing Unleashed, LLC

“Having worked with Joni Inman in a consulting capacity for over a year, I can recommend her services without hesitation.  She’s encouraging, energizing and has ideas for business marketing that consistently bring in new business.  She’s a joy to be around and working with her feels more like you’re working with a friend.” Judy S.,Stevens-Koenig Court Reporting

 “Joni Inman is a natural leader who is gifted at discerning situation-appropriate feedback for budding leaders. Even after only a couple discussions with her, I am making positive changes in my business development strategies.” – Stephanie N., Integrative Counseling, LLC

“Her commitment to her community and those she works with is honest and persistent and her abilities to coordinate and assemble people of diverse backgrounds into a cohesive and functioning group directed to specific tasks has been critical in our success.” – Ed P., Gravaton Energy Resources

“Joni, I felt the LJC Orientation Retreat was awesome! A huge part of it was having you as a facilitator. You really listened to our expectations and your use of humor was a great bonding element throughout the two days. Thank you for all your preparation and flexibility.” – M. Murray, Leadership Jefferson County Coordinator

” Joni is an exceptional leader, coach, consultant and motivator.  She has the innate talent of organizing chaos and finding the right fit for every person and process in any organization.” – Kim M., Mears Interactive

“As an entrepreneur, she has combined her corporate management skills with the fine art of business ownership and entrepreneurism.  Her style in collaboration, understanding of individual needs and having the ability to bring together various levels of talent to get the job done are foremost.  She is leading edge, dependable, clear headed and honest.” – Nancy C., Adwest Consulting

“As a policy maker, I love to have her on my team, because she is focused and knows how to get things done. As an attorney, she’s the kind of client I most enjoy working with — she knows enough about the topic to ask intelligent questions, process the answers and give the kind of direction that is always in the best interests of her organization.” – Ken F., Kissinger & Fellman, PC

“Joni is a true professional and brings her expertise and experience to all she does. She has the knowledge to help direct your business–focusing on the goals that you hope to accomplish. Joni has a dynamic personality and her calm approach is something that I admire and respect.” – Pam P., Purvis Jewelers

“Joni Inman is well-connected, professional, ethical and highly knowledgeable about the Colorado political environment and business. I trust Joni and her insights in business and political strategy. I highly recommend Joni Inman as a business and political consultant.” – Tamra H., Westside Computing

“If you are in need of a stellar strategist for a public initiative, a brilliant tactician for a community outreach campaign, or a gifted leader to engage the stakeholders of your company, organization, cause or project, Joni Inman is the perfect person for the job. Joni is an exceptional communicator that would a great asset to any team.” – Kim M., West Chamber Serving Jefferson County

“I have known Joni for several years and I have had the pleasure of serving with her on nonprofit and community boards. Joni is a competent, dedicated professional whose creativity and problem solving skills are an asset to any organization with which she works.” – Max B., FirstBank

“Joni’s ability to think strategically and globally is a true asset. While working together at the Greater Metro Telecommunications Consortium, her leadership in developing the organization to address broad, long-term projects and goals lead to the strength of the organization today. In addition, she’s always been a great sounding board and colleague when discussing common issues and can see from multiple perspectives when making recommendations and developing strategies.” – Darryn Z., City & County of Denver

“Joni, throughout her career, has built trusting relationships which have helped her bring companies together resulting in very beneficiary partnerships. She has a great handle on business / government relationships and has helped us on a number of occasions navigate through some complex issues with great results.” – Tim W., RDA Hotel Management

“She is one of the most visionary individuals with whom I have ever worked. She has the ability to work with others on very complex problems and still stay focused on the specific objective.” – Steve B., former Mayor, City of Lakewood, CO