Joni and Deborah are pleased to announce an upcoming event for business consultants:  Executive to Consultant Transformation Workshop.

Executives interested in transforming their corporate skills and experience into a private consulting practice are invited to apply for a special two-day workshop, ETC – Executive to Consultant Transformation to be held August 1 and 2, in Lakewood.  The workshop is being coordinated by Joni Inman Consulting, a storied private business consulting company that assists clients in staying ahead of their challenges and exceeding their business objectives.

The workshop offers tools, exercises, assessments, discussions, and models to launch professionals accustomed to working for others, into self-sufficient entrepreneurs. Participants will walk away with a three-year strategic plan taking them from launch to success in their consulting practice.

Professionals wishing to attend ETC – the Executive to Consultant Transformation workshop – can register at .  Cost for the two-day workshop is just $395 and includes continental breakfast, lunch and all materials. The workshop will be limited to a small group in order to provide attendees with the most effective experience and outcome.

“So often, executives feel intimidated by the concept of hanging out their own shingle,” said Joni Inman. “This is true even with qualified people who have valuable experience, talents and knowledge.  However, the ETC workshop can help them overcome obstacles, real and imagined, as well as how to understand and accommodate their own strengths and challenges.  It’s a small, focused group and we like it that way; attendees get sincere and individualized attention.”

Joni Inman Consulting is a trusted resource for companies and executives seeking assistance in planning the future of their business, expanding their opportunities, and “stepping up their game” in Colorado and beyond.  The firm’s small team of business development specialists, including a cadre of trusted advisers and strategic partners, focusses on providing personalized, targeted strategic advice and guidance.